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Buckingham Palace (originally titled Charles and Diana) is the subtitle of the second installment of Ryan Murphy's anthology drama series Feud, focusing on the infamous separation and divorce between Princess Diana and Prince Charles of Wales in 1996 after 15 years of marriage. The season was announced by FX on February 28, 2017 with a 10-episode-order. Murphy will write alongside Jon Robin Baitz, and both will serve as executive producers, in addition to Dede Gardner and Alexis Martin Woodall. The season is set to premiere on FX in 2018.[1]


Buckingham Palace revolves around two of Britain's most famous royal exes. The season will focus on the public divorce between Princess Diana and Prince Charles of Wales in 1996, just a year before Diana’s tragic death in a car crash in Paris, and the alleged affairs on both sides that caused the infamous split.



Filming for this season will begin in late spring 2018.


Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon, actresses who played Season One's main protagonists Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, were announced by co-creator Ryan Murphy to continue starring throughout the show.[2] Otherwise, co-showrunner Tim Minear announced that besides Lange and Sarandon, this season's cast will be mostly new and young.[3]