Marty is a recurring character on the first season of Feud. He is the booking agent of Joan Crawford, who is responsible for assisting her in finding film roles.

He is portrayed by Ken Lerner.



Marty is first seen when Joan Crawford pays a visit to him out of desperation for a new film role.  He asks why Joan has come to see him, and she slams her 1945 Best Actress Oscar for Mildred Pierce on his desk, explaining that she would like another one, but in order to receive it, she needs a great script. She tells him that she wants to get back to work again after the passing of her husband, Alfred Steele, and demands that Marty help her find work.

Marty explains that he just sent her a good script a few months back and praises how wonderful she was in it, but Joan insists it wasn't good enough, stating that it was a pilot that didn't even get picked up to series and that she had to do her own makeup. Marty then suggests that he read everything that's currently out there, compile the best scripts, and send them over to Joan until she finds something that piques her interest.

However, Joan isn't interested in any of the scripts that Marty ends up sending her, as most of them are for grandmother-type roles. Frustrated, Joan calls Marty and explains that she refuses to play Elvis' grandmother. She requests that he send her better scripts, but Marty confesses that he already sent her everything he has. Joan gets defensive and tells Marty that she is an actress and needs to act, but Marty insists she find her own project, as there's limited roles out there and nothing more he can do to help her.


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